LLPP believes that children should have access to quality childcare and strives to make childcare affordable for families.  The following forms of child care assistance are available for those families that qualify:

State Assistance.  LLPP is an eligible provider of childcare assistance through the Michigan Department of Human Services (DHS).  Full tuition payments are due weekly for childcare until an authorization notice from the state is received by LLPP.  Depending on income, DHS will pay a percentage of an hourly DHS Rate that is set for childcare.  Families are expected to pay the difference between the DHS payment and the LLPP actual charge for tuition.  Families may qualify for Michigan's Child Development and Care Program if they meet income requirements and need child care for:

  • Family preservation
  • High school completion
  • Participation in an approved activity
  • Employment

To determine eligibility and complete an application, visit and select the parent resource tab.  If a parent qualifies, a weekly parent co-pay will be determined based on the anticipated reimbursement from the state.    

LLPP Tuition Assistance.  Any family needing financial assistance for tuition payments is encouraged to apply for the LLPP Tuition Assistance program.  All applications are reviewed by a committee which awards a weekly assistance amount based on income and expenses in relationship to childcare expenses. The amount of assistance given typically ranges from ten to thirty percent of weekly tuition costs, which makes quality childcare more affordable.  Families may also apply if they typically have enough income to cover childcare expenses but have a special circumstance such as unemployment or medical circumstances.  Funding for the LLPP tuition assistance fund comes largely from donations from area churches and the Holland Deacons’ Conference.  Ask your Site Director for a LLPP Tuition Assistance Application or download the application below:

Ready for School. Scholarships for preschool age children may be available.  Please see your Site Director for more information and an application. 

Parent-Handbook-Providence-Harderwyk-7-2013.pdf Tuition Assistance Application Form (3.2014)