"Do not hinder the little children but let them come to me."  Matthew 19:14          

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What is Lakeshore Little Peopleís Place (LLPP)?

LLPP provides licensed, Christian, Childcare in the lakeshore area.  LLPP has been providing care since January of 1997 and now has a corporate office and four childcare sites which are located at Providence Christian Reformed Church (CRC), Harderwyk CRC, and East Saugatuck CRC and an after school program at
Southside Christian School.   Please see individual sites listed on home page for services provided.

What is your philosophy regarding childcare?
We believe that children need support in order to develop spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, socially and physically.  We believe that our faith should shape the way that we care for children even through daily activities such as painting, reading and exploring.  In addition, there are activities that specifically show that our faith is evident such as:  Bible stories, prayer at meals, bible verses, religious song and the celebration of religious holidays.  We also believe that families need support as well as children and we work in partnership with parents and invite parent communication and participation.  Finally, we believe that the larger community needs to play an important role in raising children in Godís world.  Our partnership with area churches increases support systems in providing services to the families we serve. 

What is your connection to the Holland Deaconsí Conference (HDC)?
LLPP is a ministry which is owned by the Holland Deaconsí Conference.  LLPP has its own nine member board that is approved by the Holland Deaconsí Conference.   Joint meetings are held on a yearly basis with LLPP and the HDC.  The relationship between LLPP and the HDC is one of partnership and support.  Together we provide a childcare ministry which provides a community model on how to gather resources and unite them effectively to meet child care needs.

Why are you located in church facilities?
Being located in church facilities is good stewardship.  By uniting together and using space typically left unused during the week we are making the most of our community resources.  Joining with individual churches also provides an additional support network for families needing more services that LLPP can provide.

Are there any resources for families who are financially struggling?
LLPP is committed to providing Christian quality child care for children.   As a ministry of the Holland Deaconsí Conference, we want to provide this service to every child, regardless of the familyís ability to pay for tuition.   To this end, we have set up scholarships to assist families for whom LLPP care would not otherwise be affordable. LLPP also accepts state FIA payments.

Why is LLPP called a non-profit 501 (c)(3)?
As a non-profit organization, LLPP uses all of its income for the purpose of operating and improving its programs.  It is an organization that was established solely to serve children and families of the Holland lakeshore area.  Currently, tuition income covers about 90% of the operating costs and individual and corporate donations are used to cover the remaining 10% of expenses.  The Internal Revenue Service has given exempt status to LLPP.    Despite the obvious benefit of being exempt from most tax fees, it also allows donors to receive a charitable Contribution deduction on their income tax return.



Corporate Office of Lakeshore Little People's Place
1619 West Lakewood Boulevard  Holland, Michigan 49423
Executive Director: Karen VanderLaan   616.399.9149